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Top 3 Futuristic AI Hearing Aids You Should Know

Top 3 Futuristic AI Hearing Aids You Should KnowAI Hearing Aids

Hearing aid manufacturing is no longer solely audiology knowledge and equipment but has greatly integrated Artificial Intelligence technology. AI is slowly redefining what hearing aids can do, making them machines that understand and subsequently learn from the information they process.

Although this technology is still in its infancy, it has been highly advantageous for hearing aid users. Hearing aids that have adopted AI, like Oticon hearing aids, make your world more accessible and convenient.

Read on as we look at the top 3 futuristic AI hearing aids you should know that will instantly better your hearing.

Can AI Help Us Hear the Right Sounds in a Crowded Room?

In a nutshell, AI can help you hear the right sounds in a crowded room. Unlike traditional hearing aids that use pre-set programs, AI-powered Oticon hearing aids in Canada hear the millions of sounds you listen to and continuously make adjustments to match unique environments.

This ability enables hearing aids to prioritize the most important sounds in a crowded room, making hearing instantaneous and automatic.

Imagine These Scenarios Made Possible by AI

  • AI hearing aids will identify familiar voices, especially those who often speak to you. This could be your spouse, child, or close friend. When your hearing aids pick up these familiar voices in a noisy environment, they will prioritize them so that you can better hear the person.
  • It enables you to enhance voices you want to hear and filter out those you don’t.
  • Recalls previous program settings and automatically adjusts to these settings when in a similar situation.
  • The AI hearing can detect when someone’s sound is muffled, from may be talking to you through a mask. They amplify their sound accordingly, giving you better clarity.
  • AI-powered hearing aids recognize if you usually watch TV at a certain time and automatically tune into that sound. This helps you focus specifically on the TV rather than the other sounds nearby.
  • Some AI hearing aids can track general health signals like blood pressure, fitness, or falls and notifies a loved one. They can also predict and prevent early signs of dementia.
  • Some AI -Powered hearing aids feature real-time language translation

Leading AI-Powered Hearing Aids

Different hearing aid manufacturers are using AI technology to make hearing more convenient for hearing aid users. Some of the leading AI-powered manufacturers in the market include:

Oticon More

This AI-powered hearing aid was released in early 2023 with interesting AI features. During their design, Oticon hearing aids manufacturers placed about 360 microphones in one environment and from this, they gathered about 12 million sounds.

These sounds were then used to train computers inside the hearing aids to respond to different sound scenes. Oticon hearing aids impersonate how the brain naturally processes sound, letting them keep the soundscape more than their competitors.

The incredible reviews on hearing aids and other products like the Oticon hearing aids accessories and Oticon hearing aid cleaning kit proves that AI works well for hearing aid users.

Starkey Genesis AI 

Starkey Genesis AI-powered hearing aids are the hearing aids with the most built-in technology compared to other hearing aid prices like Oticon hearing aid prices in Canada. While this comes with a hefty price tag, its features prove the price is worth it. The hearing aids have a fitness tracker, a brain tracker that detects dementia risk signals, and a sensor that can notify a loved one in case you fall.

Additionally, the hearing aids have a personal assistant that helps with tasks like transcriptions and reminders. Starkey Genesis AI also released the ‘mask mode’ during the pandemic to ease communication with somebody with a mask.

Widex Moment Sheer

Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids are known for their quality sound, and their latest release proves this. The brand uses the Widex app to note the user’s settings in different environments and gives that information to an AI-powered computer.

With this information, the AI-powered hearing aids can automatically adjust when in similar surroundings. Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids also have an impressive input range and sound quality, making them ideal for audiophiles and musicians.

Are You Looking for the Best Hearing Aids That Fit Your Needs?

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Therefore, if you or your loved one is experiencing hearing difficulty, book an appointment or contact us, and our experts will help you manage and solve your hearing problems.

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