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Solutions For Impaired Hearing

In a busy world where amplified sounds and headphones are increasingly common, cases of impaired hearing are on the rise too.

From your car sound system and the equipment ion your office, to your home theatre and MP3 player, there are numerous sources of stress on your hearing health. One of the main problems with hearing damage is that it is not usually immediately apparent. Instead, your hearing generally becomes impaired over time and by the time you notice it, serious damage may have been done.

What You Can Do To Reduce Impaired Hearing

Prevention is the best way to stop hearing loss and there are many ways to do so:

  • Hearing Protection – You probably are exposed to potentially damaging levels of sound more often than you think. Lawn mowers, hair dryers, loud music or any source of loud sounds can damage your hearing. Learn to spot sources and use hearing protection when you are near them.
  • Avoidance – When you learn to identify the times and places where your hearing may be damaged, you can try to avoid them or at least avoid repeated exposure.
  • Spot The Symptoms – Sometimes it’s difficult to know if the environment you’re in is damaging your hearing. If you experience buzzing in your ears after exposure, or you can’t carry on a normal conversation, then you are probably is a situation that could cause impaired hearing.

Even those who use hearing protection and take other steps to avoid hearing damage can experience a loss of hearing, which might be caused by genetics, viruses or other sources not related to loud sounds.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Hearing Is Impaired

The first step is to learn the symptoms of hearing problems, which include difficulty hearing a conversation while in a noisy environment, difficulty hearing someone when you are not looking at them and needing to turn up audio devices for no other apparent reason.

  • Audiometric hearing testing to assess your needs
  • Expert evaluations of your hearing test results
  • A full range of top quality hearing aids and other Assistive listening devices like personal FM systems, alerting devices, portable personal amplifiers, voice carry over telephones and TTY/TDD devices improve your comfort and convenience

Learn more about to deal with impaired hearing from the experts. Contact Bravo Hearing Centre today or call us at 416-207-9711.

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