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ReSound Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids EtobicokeReSound hearing aids are designed and manufactured by one of the world’s largest makers of hearing instruments, the GN ReSound Group. The company has a truly worldwide presence with offices in 20 countries and distributors in another 50.

But an international presence and a reputation as a quality manufacturer hasn’t stopped ReSound from demonstrating industry leadership with unrivalled technologies and innovations, including:

  • iSolate nanotech – All of the company’s products feature iSolate nanotech coating, which gives them unmatched moisture protection that extends their operating life and increases customer satisfaction with lower maintenance costs.
  • Surround Sound – An exclusive audio processing technology that replicates natural sound by modeling, cleaning, balancing and stabilizing digitized sound. The result is better speech recognition, a better sense of sound direction and overall richer, clearer sound.
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology – Wireless connectivity greatly improved how users heard sounds from electronic devices. ReSound’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology eliminates the need for an intermediate streaming device and greatly extends the distance over which signals can be transmitted.
  • Remote Microphone Design – Remote microphones are the first major innovation of the 21st century in custom devices. Remote microphone instruments are smaller, produce better sound quality and are much more powerful than standard products.
  • Tinnitus Treatment Technology – Tinnitus sufferers perceive sound, often a hum or ringing, when no sound exists. Selected models in the Alera TS product line are equipped with an advanced tinnitus sound generator that employs a number of technologies to provide tinnitus treatment benefits.

ReSound’s innovative technologies are featured across all of the company’s product lines, including Alera, Live, Vea and Sparx.

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