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Learn About the Hearing Aid Fitting Process

Learn About the Hearing Aid Fitting ProcessHearing Aid Fitting

Have you recently visited a hearing test clinic and were told that you need to use hearing aids? If yes, worry not, as you are on the road to better hearing.

For the hearing aids to be most effective, there is a crucial step that you need to pay attention to: the fitting process. Although it may seem minor, the fitting process is essential as this is the opportunity to get the right hearing aids and learn how to use and care for them. Therefore, learning what to expect from your hearing specialist when you go for a hearing aid fitting will help you be better prepared.

Here, we will take you through the steps involved when you visit a hearing clinic for a fitting session. Let’s dive in!

Before the Hearing Aid Fitting

Before the hearing specialist starts fitting the hearing aids in your ears, they will perform a hearing test to ensure you deserve the hearing aids. This step is essential, especially if the audiologist hasn’t tested your hearing recently.

In addition to evaluating your hearing test results, they will also ask about your lifestyle and possible medications to develop the best hearing aid options. The audiologist will explain the different hearing aid styles and budgets and help you choose the best based on your hearing problem.

Additionally, they customize the hearing aid using special software to fit your range of hearing loss.

The Fitting

The fitting process lasts 40-60 minutes and starts with the audiologist placing the hearing aid on or in your ear. They will then balance the hearing aids based on your reaction to loud and soft sounds.

The specialist will also explain how to use the hearing aids, remove them, take them back, and their maintenance tips. This session involves a lot of important information. Therefore, ask for written instructions or carry writing material to the hearing center so that you can write and refer later in case you forget.

The Goal

When wearing hearing aids, the goal is to ensure you can easily and comfortably recognize everyday sounds. Therefore, you will have an adjustment session shortly after fitting the hearing aids to ensure the goal is met. During this time, ask your specialist any questions you may have from your experience for the short time you have had the hearing aids on.

Some issues may be technical, while others are because you are new to hearing aids. Therefore, don’t hesitate to raise your concerns so that every issue will be addressed and rectified early.

The Survey

During the hearing aid fitting process, the survey is between you and the hearing aid specialist. Your audiologist will ask several questions about the hearing devices to confirm that you are making the most of them.

Give honest answers about everything you hear so that this process is a success. Do not feel ashamed or frustrated to tell the specialist that there is no change in your hearing, even with the hearing aids, so they can know how to help you.

How to Adjust to Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are foreign, and forcing them to feel natural and become a part of your life is not a piece of cake. Even so, you can ease this complicated process by adjusting to the new reality. Here is how to make adjusting to the hearing aids easier.

Have a Positive Attitude

Your attitude greatly determines how easy or hard your life will be after hearing aid fitting. Develop a positive attitude, and the hearing aids will slowly become a part of your life.

Educate Yourself

Try to gather as much information as possible about how hearing aids work and how they improve your hearing. This understanding will make it easier for you to adjust.

Be Realistic and Patient

You will be at risk of discouragement if your expectations are too high. Therefore, remember that hearing aids won’t work drastically and won’t be as comfortable when you first use them. Therefore, be patient and increase the time you have the hearing aids on to ease the transition.

Bring a Loved One to Your Hearing Aid Fitting if You Can

Having a friend or relative with you is helpful as they handle what you can’t handle. For instance, they might easily remember the information given by the specialist on how to use the hearing aids. It helps to have a familiar face around at such a time.

Follow-up Visits to the Hearing Clinic

The hearing aid fitting day isn’t the last day you visit the hearing clinic. Instead, your doctor will give you a follow-up clinic, probably a few weeks after the fitting, to check how you are doing.

At this time, they can make the necessary adjustment to the hearing aids based on the experience that you have had. Be honest about your feedback so that they can adjust the hearing aids to give you the best results.

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