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Consult with a Hearing Loss Specialist to Verify Presence of Hearing Damage

Girl Listening To Loud MusicThe introduction of rock and roll music and its evolution to the heavy metal genre have certainly influenced and transformed modern culture with respect to this art form. This progression also introduced a new verbal expression into the vernacular of parents and grandparents alike at the same time – turn that music down!

The delivery of such a reprimand/admonishment was usually accompanied by a warning of the potential risk of hearing loss – there may also have been an element of dislike for the style of music built into these messages, too. Unfortunately, instead of heeding the advice/warnings of their elders, listeners simply found another way to play this music as loud as possible – earphones. It is now known, of course, that this latter practice likely has more potential to cause hearing damage than the audibly loud method of listening, though neither is recommended.

Today, there are many settings in which people of all ages can be exposed to extremely loud noises – in addition to rock concerts, some examples might include:

  • Construction sites
  • Auto racing facilities
  • Fireworks ceremonies
  • Sports arenas and bars
  • Nightclubs and dance clubs
  • Gun or military firing ranges

While it is more commonly accepted that prolonged or repeated exposure to loud noises can negatively affect one’s hearing, it is less known or acknowledged that just a solitary event can lead to permanent hearing damage. That’s right; attending one rock concert or a professional sporting event that incorporates a booming sound system as part of the overall package can precipitate irreparable damage to the nerves involved with hearing.

Many attendees of these of events or participants in these environments may experience some buzzing or ringing in their ears and have difficulty hearing after leaving the venue. This may often be seen as a temporary inconvenience until it stops/goes away; however, it would be prudent to consult with a professional hearing loss specialist from a hearing clinic like Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto, particularly if the ringing/buzzing persists for more than 24 hours and/or if any of the following signs are present:

  • Sounds seem unusually louder than normal
  • An inability to differentiate high-pitched sounds
  • A feeling in the ears as though they are full/heavy
  • The voices of other people seemed mumbled/slurred
  • Constantly adjusting the sound level on the TV or radio
  • It is more difficult to hear female voices than male voices

The Bravo Hearing Centre specialist will conduct a thorough hearing evaluation to assess the cause of such issues and determine whether there is any evidence of hearing loss.

Contact a Professional Hearing Clinic to Request a Thorough Hearing Evaluation

A thorough hearing evaluation by a Bravo Hearing Centre professional consists of several important steps and tests, including the following assessments:

Suffering From Hearing Loss

  • Current health status
  • Previous health history
  • Examination of the ears
  • Hearing test and diagnosis
  • Specialist referral (if needed)

Upon completion of the evaluation, the recommended course of action will be dependent on the presence or absence of hearing loss. If no hearing loss is detected, modifications in lifestyle may be advocated, whereas in the case of confirmed hearing loss, the optimal method of treatment will be further influenced by these factors:

  • The type and extent of the hearing loss
  • Whether that loss is temporary or permanent

To this end, Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto offers a complete range of hearing services such as: hearing aid sales, dispensing, and follow-up, professional counseling, and aural rehabilitation. For more information on the range of products, accessories, and services offered by Bravo Hearing Centre, go to our Hearing Services page.

If you have been exposed to extremely loud noise and are experiencing signs of possible hearing loss, call the hearing loss specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto today at 416-207-9711 to schedule a thorough hearing evaluation.

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