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How to Compare Hearing Aids

How to Compare Hearing AidsHearing Aids

Are you or your loved one among the many worldwide dealing with hearing loss? If yes, hearing aids may be a great option. Finding the right option can be overwhelming with the many hearing aid brands in the market. Moreover, it can be hard to identify the devices that meet your specific needs.

At Bravo Hearing Centre, we provide unbiased information on the various types of hearing aids in the market. These are some features to look for when buying your new hearing aids.

Features to Consider When Comparing Hearing Aids

Different hearing aids vary in size, cost, and other special manufacturing features. Some of the paramount features to consider when comparing hearing aids include:

Hearing Aid Style

The hearing aid style is where it is placed and how it works. Hearing aids can be behind-the-ear(BTE), in-the-canal(ITC), in-the-ear(ITE), or receiver-in-canal(RIC). Each of these hearing aid styles has its pros and cons. It is best to liaise with a hearing specialist for advice on the best style based on your hearing problem.

Amplification Capabilities

The main purpose of wearing hearing aids is to amply sound to compensate for your hearing loss. Get hearing aids with amplification capabilities that suit your level of hearing loss. In this case, remember that tiny invisible hearing aids have low amplification. Be careful to check the amplification level of hearing aids before buying any.


When it comes to colour, you have three choices. One, you can go for invisible or colourless hearing aids. Alternatively, you can get coloured or fashionable hearing aids. Finally, you can settle for any colour of hearing aid if you are comfortable with any colours.


Telecoil is a technology that allows you to connect to other compatible devices. This technology reduces noises in the exterior and focuses on the sound from the connected device. You can loop with devices like speakers in a movie or church. Also, you can loop with your phone if it is telecoil compatible.

IP Rating

IP rating stands for the ability of the hearing aids to protect against dust and water. This is a crucial consideration, especially if you are prone to dust or moisture in your environment. Currently, the highest IP rating for hearing aids is IP68. 6 represents dust protection, while 8 represents moisture protection.


Regarding hearing aid batteries, your options are either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Both of these batteries have their pros and cons. For instance, disposable batteries are smaller but have a shorter lifetime. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries can serve you for about 24 hours when fully charged and have a lifetime of 3-4 years. Consider your preferences on size and power to get your best fit.

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Phone Connectivity

If your hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled, you can directly connect them to your phone. This feature is mainly available on iPhones but also on some Androids. Phone connectivity enables you to listen to audio or receive calls hands-free.

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Tinnitus Relief Features

Tinnitus is a common symptom for people with hearing problems. If you are one of them, get hearing aids with a tinnitus masker. Additionally, evaluate the tinnitus masker before settling for these hearing aids to ensure it works.

Push Button Availability

Push buttons enable you to customize your hearing aid to fit different environments. For instance, you can add or reduce the hearing aid volume. Such features are mainly available in larger hearing aids.

Feedback Cancelers

Some hearing aids can give feedback effects that temper the sound quality received. For quality sound, get hearing aids with a feedback cancellation feature. You can also check the feedback cancellation rating of specific hearing aids to ensure they are fit for you.

Noise Handling

In addition to helping you hear, hearing aids cancel background noise. Although all hearing aids promise to handle background noise, they don’t all have the same noise-cancelling capabilities. Consult your physician or try the hearing aids before buying them to confirm how they handle noise.


Determine the accessories that you may need from hearing aids before buying them. At Bravo, we explain the accessories that come along with hearing aids before you buy. This allows you to select a hearing aid that fits your preferences.

Comparing Phonak and Oticon Hearing Aids

Phonak and Oticon hearing aids are both leading and high-quality hearing aid brands. They have high-tech features that all work together to provide impressive sound quality. For instance, they provide quality speech-focus connectivity with phones or TVs.

We Provide Hearing Aids from the Best Performing Brands

If you are looking for quality hearing aids from the best-performing brands, we have you covered at Bravo Hearing Centre. We are equipped with hearing aids from reputable brands like Phonak and Oticon, among others.

We also offer hearing testing to help determine the best hearing aids. Call us or book a free online hearing test, and we shall help you towards better hearing.

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