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How Hearing Loss Affects Men and Women Differently

How Hearing Loss Affects Men and Women Differently

When it comes to hearing loss, there is quite a difference between men and women. Out of approximately 28 million Americans who experience hearing loss, over 60% are men. This is because men on average are five and a half times more likely to develop hearing loss, starting from ages as young as 20. White men display the highest frequency of hearing loss in comparison to all races and genders.

Hearing specialists believe this discrepancy in numbers is due mostly to environmental factors. Men often work in loud environments, such as factories, construction, industrial areas, and military careers. The environmental sounds and loud equipment can contribute to the loss of their hearing. Besides their careers, men often partake in loud recreational activities as well. These may include off-roading, car racing and modifying, boating, and going to shooting ranges.

There are some other aspects that cause men to lose their hearing at higher rates than women. This includes the regular use of aspirin, acetaminophen, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These have been shown to increase the risk of hearing loss in men who are younger than 60. Also, high blood pressure, heart disease, and smoking are known to cause hearing loss and are more prevalent in men. After the age of 80, the rates of hearing loss in men and women begin to even out.

While men are more likely to require hearing aids, women are more likely to wear them. This may be due to a stigma that they feel due to wearing them. Wearing a hearing aid to improve your hearing should feel no different than wearing glasses to improve your eyesight. Also, addressing any hearing loss early is known to help prevent illnesses such as depression and anxiety, early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s, and reduce the risk of falls.

hearing specialists from Bravo Hearing Centre

The hearing specialists from Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke believe that everyone should be able to hear their best and feel confident wearing a hearing aid. Our professionals are committed to providing the appropriate services and support based on the needs of each patient, including:

  • Hearing tests
  • Sales of hearing aids
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Aural rehabilitation programs
  • Patient and family member counselling

The specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre can also recommend or provide the appropriate devices for individuals who require hearing protection for work or leisure activities to prevent hearing loss.

For more information on the services and solutions provided by the specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre, see our hearing services page.

If you believe you or your loved one may be experiencing hearing loss, call the hearing solutions specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre today at 647-694-4626 or contact us to book a hearing test.

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