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Hearing Solutions To Meet Every Need

Quality, customized hearing solutions are only a click away when you work with Bravo Hearing Centre. Whether you’ve experienced significant hearing loss or struggle with quiet, muffled sounds, we can find the right hearing solution to make the world sound clearer than ever.

Not being able to decipher sounds can be frustrating, and also dangerous. From not being able to hear sounds while driving a car or hearing your name being called, hearing loss can interfere with life in general.

No matter what your hearing requirements, Bravo Hearing Centre specialists work closely with you to find the ideal hearing solutions. We know each customer is unique, so we assess your specific needs before making a recommendation.

Some hearing solutions include:

Latest Hearing Solutions Technology

The best hearing solutions mean much more than a hearing device. From the minute you walk through our door, we are here to care for your complete hearing needs so you can live a better, more fulfilled life.

At Bravo Hearing Centre you can be confident knowing that your hearing solution is customized to your specific need. We stay up-to-date with the newest, innovative hearing solutions technology so our customers have a wide array of choices.

Our line of quality hearing solutions is here for you:

  • Leading, highly respected manufacturers such as Siemens, Starkey, Unitron, Phonak, Widex, and more…
  • New technology such as Lyric. This invisible-in-canal extended wear technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of hearing without anyone knowing you wear a hearing aid.
  • Hearing instrument devices like Phonak Ambra. This discreet hearing aid device allows you to hear a quiet conversation and it also enhances TV listening.
  • Surround sound at its finest with ReSound Alera hearing aids. Strong, clear wireless connection to TV, computers and mobile phones.
  • New invisible devices like SoundLens. Starkey’s new invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid device is the only custom fit IIC. Completely invisible and packed with industry-leading technology.

Hearing solutions at Bravo Hearing Centre are suited to your individual requirements. Get a free hearing aid quote or arrange a one-on-one personal consultation with our professionals. Contact us online or call 416-207-9711.

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