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Happy Better Hearing Month!

Happy Better Hearing Month!Ever since 1927, the hearing-health community has set the month of May aside as a special time for focusing on hearing education. It is also a time to raise awareness about communication disorders and the important role that hearing professionals play in your overall health. It is a great time to celebrate the work that these professionals do to help improve their client’s lives.

When looking at hearing loss statistics in Canada, 25% of adults have some form of hearing loss and 1 in 5 youth also show signs of hearing loss. This is why it is critical to be aware of any changes to your hearing, what can damage your hearing and ways to take care of your ears.

The first step in the hearing education journey is to understand your own hearing. Doing that starts with a thorough assessment, performed by a qualified hearing professional. It’s important to be able to detect any changes in your hearing early and seek treatment and advice.

A few simple, painless tests and a discussion about the sound environments you’re exposed to in the course of your day-to-day life are all it takes for your hearing professional to give you a snapshot of where you currently stand in terms of hearing health. If you show signs of existing or developing hearing loss, they will recommend some next steps for you.

If your hearing turns out to be fine, your hearing professional will then have a baseline against which to measure your hearing in the future. Getting checked against that baseline is recommend annually, just like checking your eyes and cholesterol.

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