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Expert Hearing Aid Evaluations For Effective Treatments

Proper hearing aid evaluations are crucial to hearing loss treatment. Determining the extent of your hearing impairment helps identify the kind of treatment that you need. Your hearing device must match your hearing requirements in order for you to enjoy its maximum benefits. If you suspect that your hearing is diminished or that you have to strain to follow conversation, it’s time to get tested. Neglect can lead to serious accidents or prevent you from leading a normal life.

What does a typical hearing aid evaluation involve?

  • Detailed client history
  • Audiogram
  • Speech and word testing
  • Comfortable and uncomfortable hearing levels
  • Discussing treatment, hearing aid options and preventative care

If you feel that your hearing aid is not meeting your needs, book a hearing test. As recipients of Etobicoke’s Best Hearing Services Award you can count on Bravo Hearing Centre to properly identify and meet your requirements.

We tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs enhancing your hearing capabilities and helping you enjoy an active lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Evaluations With Personalized Healthcare

The specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre go beyond hearing aid evaluations offering complete hearing healthcare that’s tailored to your needs. From the time you come in you will experience the difference quality can make.

What’s The Bravo difference?

  • Qualified hearing specialists offering expert audiometric hearing testing and hearing aid evaluations
  • Cutting-edge hearing aids (including all major brands), assistive listening devices, and hearing protection
  • Expert dispensing and post-dispensing care and attention
  • Skilled and experienced patient counselling and hearing rehabilitation services
  • At-home or in-hospital visits scheduled at your convenience
  • Minor repairs performed onsite

We take the time to listen to our patients’ needs and understand their requirements in order to deliver the best hearing healthcare for their needs.

Call 416-207-9711 to arrange a time for a professional hearing aid evaluation.

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