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Ear Wax Removal

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly?

Did your parents tell you to always clean out your ears? Well now many hearing experts say you should just leave it alone.

Ear wax is part of the ear’s self-cleaning system. Its main purpose is to prevent foreign substances like dust, dirt and bacteria from entering the ear canal. The dirt that is trapped in the ear wax dries out and is meant to be expelled with the movement of the jaw.

Doctors will caution you against using ear buds and any other cleaning devices as you could push the wax further into the canal or damage your ear canal by using force. Frequent cleaning may also erode this natural protection.

Does removing ear wax benefit your hearing?

There are some individuals, however, for whom ear wax presents a problem. Excessive build-up (sometimes genetic) and hardening sometimes require earwax removal.

  • When it causes pain and hearing loss
  • When it plugs up the ear causing a full feeling and reducing your hearing ability
  • Ear wax may also be need to be removed in order to make an impression to fit you for a hearing aid
  • If it is interfering with the performance of your listening device

It’s best to consult your family physician, a pharmacist (for safe remedies) or your hearing healthcare specialists if ear wax is impacting your aural health.

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