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Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Hearing Checked!

Are you straining to hear conversation? Unable to distinguish between certain words? Does your family keep telling you to turn the TV or radio volume down? You might be suffering from hearing loss. This affects people of all ages and the only way to find out for sure is to get your hearing checked.

Loss of hearing is one of the most common problems in North America and often goes undetected, especially if it is increasing gradually. This can prevent you from leading a normal life. A hearing test determines the extent of your problem so that a proper solution can be identified.

Why Get Your Hearing Checked?

  • Safety risk: Not being able to hear properly is a safety hazard. Whether it’s a car horn or someone warning you that there is danger. Don’t take a chance with your life.
  • Depression: Hearing loss can rob individuals of many pleasures in life and may lead to periods of sadness or even depression. Yet hearing loss is often associated with aging, and people should not be denied these pleasures in their later years. Hearing aids can rectify these situations and there are several types or options available that can help restore a degree of enjoyment.
  • Isolation: Some individuals may even avoid social interaction as they aren’t able to take part in conversations, hear music or the TV. Getting your hearing checked will put you in touch with listening devices (including amplifiers for phones, TV, etc.) that will enable you to do everything you love.
  • Enhanced hearing health: A hearing test and consultation not only determines if you’re suffering from hearing loss but also identifies and suggests treatment for other aural issues ensuring better quality of hearing health.

Bravo Hearing Centre offers detailed audiometric hearing testing by specialists. We can set you up with the latest hearing aids as well as counselling/aural rehabilitation to improve hearing health and quality of life.

You can reach us at (416) 207-9711 or contact us today to book a hearing test.

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