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Choose from a full range of custom-fit audio monitors and filters that combine performance and hearing protection.

Tunz Custom Monitors

audio-1Perfect for use with MP3 players, the Tunz, in-ear, custom-fit audio monitors fit you perfectly and block out noise so you enjoy the ultimate in comfort and crisp audio quality. Available in single 0r dual driver configurations.

Tunz Custom Stage Monitors produce natural, balanced sound with pure, rich tones. Eliminate the need for traditional wedge stage monitors with these top-quality monitors custom-fit just for you. Available in either dual or triple driver configurations.

Tunz In-Ear Headphones

audio-2Isolate unwanted sounds and enjoy rich sound quality with these in-ear headphones that are perfect for noisy environments. Each headphone set comes complete with three ear-tip sizes so you can pick the one that works best for you. For maximum comfort and sound quality, pair the Tunz In-Ear Headphones with the Tunz Custom Ear Molds.


Tunz Custom Earmolds for Headphones

audio-3Designed to be used with all your audio equipment, get a perfect fit every time for your existing headphones when you attach these “made for you” earmolds. Not only do they make wearing headphones more comfortable, but they keep your headphones in place while jogging or exercising.


Tunz Musician Filtered Earplugs

audio-4Regular earplugs distort music by filtering out low- and mid-range sounds, but the Tunz Musician Filtered Earplugs deliver clear accurate sound across all frequencies while offering unparalleled protection for your hearing. Available with 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB filters.


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