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Protect Your Hearing This Summer

Protect Your Hearing This Summer

Planning to protect yourself from the summer sun while traveling this year? Smart move. Don’t forget to pack some hearing protection, too. Summer can be rough on your ears, beyond some sunburn on the outside, as there are a variety of noisy events and activities that go on when the weather is nice.

When the weather warms up, activities such as mowing the lawn, watching fireworks, building with power tools, and attending outdoor events like concerts and sports games can take a toll on your hearing if you aren’t careful. Along with causing hearing damage, things like swimming can lead to ear infections like swimmer’s ear.

Here are a few quick tips to help keep your ears and your hearing safe this summer:

  • Carry earplugs : You never know when you’re going to encounter loud noises (e.g., fireworks display, loud music). Simple over-the-counter earplugs will let you enjoy whatever is going on while taking the edge off the volume.
  • Use volume control : If you’re relaxing oceanside or poolside, enjoying some music through headphones, keep tabs on the volume. Don’t crank it up to compete with noisy fellow vacationers.
  • Keep your ears dry : Whenever you get out of the swimming pool, lake or ocean, dry your ears thoroughly. Leaving water in your ears can lead to ear canal swelling called swimmer’s ear. You can also use a swimming cap or earplugs to keep them dry while you swim.
  • Get rid of plane discomfort : You may experience your ears popping during a plane’s takeoff or landing. Things like yawning, chewing gum, swallowing, or sucking on a hard candy can help. If these don’t work, try this: pinch your nose shut, take a big breath of air, and try to direct it to your nose as if you were gently blowing it.

If you want to know more about protecting your hearing during Summer, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our hearing health experts!

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