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An online hearing test can help to identify whether you are experiencing any kind of hearing loss. The test is often free, quick, and easy, but it is not as comprehensive as one you would receive in an office, and thus, cannot replace a medical diagnosis.

If your online hearing test results show some degree of hearing loss, you should follow through with a visit to a hearing specialist for a complete examination and an accurate diagnosis.

How Our Free Hearing Test E-Screener Works

Our free online hearing test assesses your ability to hear different sounds at varying volumes and frequencies. You can use headphones or your device’s speakers when taking the test. Headphones are the best option as they test each ear individually and deliver more accurate results.

Also, ensure you perform the test in a quiet environment because background noises affect the quality of sound you hear and, therefore, the accuracy of the test.

Hearing Loss is More Common Than You Think

Hearing loss is a devastating impairment that often leads to social isolation, but what’s more shocking is the increasing number of people suffering from hearing loss. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 560 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide.

Though you may not notice your hearing difficulties, more often than not, those around you will due to some of the obvious hearing loss signs you may experience. If one or two people have questioned your hearing abilities, it is time to take an online hearing test.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Here are early signs of hearing loss.

  • You listen to the TV and radio at a volume that’s higher than others consider normal or comfortable.
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves or speak more clearly, loudly, or slowly.
  • You find it difficult keeping up with conversations, especially in noisy places.

Let Us Care for Your Hearing Health

If you would like to discuss the results of this test, please call 416-207-9711 to speak with one of our hearing specialists. We will be happy to explain what the test shows and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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