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Why You Should Use Oticon Hearing Aids

Why You Should Use Oticon Hearing AidsThe Benefits of Using Oticon Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come with tremendous benefits for those with hearing loss. If you are currently experiencing difficulties hearing, here is why Oticon hearing aids may be the best choice for you.

A Philosophy of Care

Hearing specialists have many solutions to improve your hearing difficulties. Among the best options is the use of Oticon hearing aids, as they can effectively enhance an individual’s hearing abilities. Oticon hearing aids in Toronto feature the incredible Brain Hearing technology, which enables your brain to perceive, understand, and process sounds with more ease.  Hearing aids and accessories from Oticon are suitable for all levels of hearing loss. The right device for you will be the one that best meets your hearing needs, providing a reliable and comfortable hearing solution.

A Piece of a Holistic System

Oticon hearing aids form an important part of hearing health care. Like dental and vision care, regular assessment of your hearing ability is essential. Finding a hearing specialist will help you evaluate your hearing abilities and recommend proper care if need be.

Solutions for All Types of Hearing Loss

Because there are different types of hearing loss, there is no one-size-fits-it-all hearing aid to solve every type. Visiting a hearing specialist can help in assessing and identifying your specific hearing problem. Regardless of the diagnosis, multiple Oticon hearing aids are available to help. Among the available solutions are:

  • Oticon Opn S – Come in several technology levels and are best suited for mild to severe hearing loss patients. They eliminate hearing restrictions in areas with noise and hearing clarity difficulties. They are fully featured with Oticon’s latest wireless and rechargeable options.
  • Oticon Opn ITC/CIC/IIC – Are custom made to fit your unique ear anatomy. From IIC invisible-in-the-canal to ITE full shell in the ear styles, crafted to suit an individual’s unique ear anatomy. These aids are available with various convenience features, and a plethora of sound processing abilities.
  • Oticon Ruby – This essential line of Oticon hearing ads is aimed at the budget-oriented client and is well suited to patients with mild to severe hearing loss. Oticon Ruby hearing aids help individuals hear better, thanks to excellent sound quality, advanced wireless connectivity and rechargeable options.
  • Oticon CROS – they are best for those with single-sided hearing challenges. They feature the Open-Sound navigation and Twin-Link dual-streaming technology for better hearing.
  • Oticon SIYA – Developed for severe to profound hearing loss patients, these power behind the ear hearing aids excel in noise reduction, great wireless connectivity, app controls, and exceptional sound quality.

Excellent Hearing Aid Accessories

Oticon also offers excellent hearing aid accessories, from wireless TV and SmartPhone connectivity, to rechargeable options. These include:

  • Opn S Rechargeable Solutions – Oticon hearing aids come with an easy to use and reliable charger. This makes it easy to recharge your aids anytime the battery level drops.
  • ConnectClip – this feature allows hearing aid users to connect easily with smartphones and accessories with Bluetooth technology.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport – hearing loss can concurrently occur with tinnitus. Fortunately, Oticon aids feature relief sounds that help reduce tinnitus. You can choose from the various sound effects available to find one that you prefer.

Guaranteed Hearing

There are unlimited benefits of using Oticon hearing aids. Apart from restoring your hearing ability, those with hearing challenges can choose their preferred hearing aids based on the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Book an Appointment with Bravo Hearing

Hearing challenges can limit an individual’s quality of life. As such, it helps to find the right hearing specialist to get the best results. If you experience hearing loss, schedule an appointment with Bravo Hearing for an assessment, and to determine the best hearing solutions for you.

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