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Hearing Aids Specialist In Toronto

Bring Crystal Clear Sound Back

oticon-hearing-aidsStraining to hear what people are saying? You could have a hearing impairment. However minor or severe the problem may be, know that there is a listening device to help. A hearing aids specialist in Toronto has the training and experience to help you hear properly again. Based on whether this is your first experience or you already have hearing aids, you can schedule audiometric testing or a hearing aid evaluation to determine what the problem is.

Gone are the days of ugly hearing aids. Today’s hearing instruments are stylish and often so tiny that they’re virtually invisible. Don’t ignore the problem, it will only get worse. Hearing loss affects your personal safety. The right hearing aids can help you get back to doing all the things you love.

From the time you step into our hearing aids centre in Toronto, you’ll experience the difference that Bravo can make. Bravo Hearing Centre doesn’t just sell the latest or expensive listening devices. We are more concerned about your overall hearing health and especially your comfort. That’s why we make it a point to match your exact needs. Come see why our hearing specialists are the no.1 choice in Toronto.

Bravo’s Hearing Aids Specialists in Toronto Offer A Complete Service

From the slightest tweaks to your hearing aids to expert aural rehabilitation to improve your hearing health, we offer complete services to cater to your every need. The time we spend getting to know our patient’s needs is one of the most important aspects of our Toronto hearing clinic. From the moment you walk through our door – we are here to support you. Personalized, one-on-one care ensures that our patients get excellent results with their hearing aids. Satisfied, repeat customers are what we strive for.

What do our hearing centre services in Toronto include?

  • Detailed audiometric testing to determine whether or not you have a problem and the extent of your hearing loss
  • Advanced hearing aid evaluations to find out if there is a problem with your instruments or a change in your condition
  • Latest hearing aids (manufactured by Starkey, Widex , Bernafon, ReSound, Oticon and Siemens and Unitron), hearing aid accessories and custom ear moulds to match wide ranging needs
  • An extensive range of assistive listening devices (like personal FM systems, amplified telephones, alerting devices, portable personal amplifiers, voice carry over telephones and TTY devices) to help you lead a fulfilled life doing all the things you love.
  • Regular follow-ups to improve your hearing health and quality of life
  • Experienced counselling services/aural rehabilitation to help overcome your disability
  • Convenient home/hospital visits when it’s not possible for you to come to our hearing centre in Toronto
  • Onsite (minor) repairs service to keep your hearing aids in top working condition
  • Periodic discounts to make hearing aids in Toronto more affordable

Our practice of providing expert hearing healthcare to one patient at a time is what separates Bravo Hearing Centre from other hearing loss clinics.

Booking a hearing test today with a hearing aids specialist in Toronto. Phone Bravo Hearing Centre at 416-207-9711.

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